Dnt Digimicro Scale USB Digital Microscope 20x to x 2MP

Digimicro Prof Driver

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The hardware inside the microscope is pretty standard fare and is essentially a generic web cam modified for digimicro duties. View a manual of the dnt DigiMicro Profi below.

Digimicro prof driver

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Three Points Angle Measurement. In all other cases, deficiencies may be claimed only within the period of one year. Put the microscope into the ring of the stand. Should shipment of the order be impossible through no fault of our own, the risk passes to the customer upon notification of the readiness for dispatch. It can become a dangerous toy.

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The customer shall bear all costs incurred in the submission and acceptance of bills of exchange and cheques. Then the software will automatically calibrate the magnification rate. You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform you when someone has reacted to your question. Slide the mounting nut on the metal pole.

By filling in the form below, dvd ram gsa h55n driver your question will appear below the manual of the dnt DigiMicro Profi. We are entitled to receive compensation for the lost profit. Built-in anti-siphon vent. Support from development to manufacturing.